Wheelchair Parts

Investing in Quality Wheelchair Parts

When you have a friend or family member in a wheelchair or you yourself must use a wheelchair to get about, it is best to invest in quality parts for that wheelchair. The wheelchair is your primary mode of transportation, and you want to be able to get anywhere any able-bodied person can. This means that there are some parts to consider that will make your wheelchair comfortable, mobile, and easy to use.


The cushions on a wheelchair can get a workout every day because they are usually in constant contact with the person who is using the wheelchair. Therefore, the cushions need to be of the highest quality and must also be soft enough to allow for comfort during a long day. A replacement cushion can change colors to meet your personal style, they can change materials to help with comfort and ease of use, and they may even change in size depending on how sensitive your joints are.

Other Parts to Consider Replacing

Replacing parts on a wheelchair is not something you should take lightly, but it is wise to consider customizing the wheelchair to help make it your own. When you want to change a cushion, it should be changed. However, the footrests can also be an issue if they are not holding your legs in a good resting position.

The armrests must also be comfortable so as to accommodate you resting in the chair for the majority of the day.

Other parts to consider are replacement wheels in case of an accident or a sudden loss of performance in the wheels. Replacement screws, nuts, and bolts may also be needed to ensure that you can make small repairs to the chair if you need to get it working in a hurry.

Making an improvement to your wheelchair is a personal choice that can take on many forms. You don't want to simply change everything about your chair, but you can make an improvement to a couple parts of your wheelchair so that you will feel more comfortable from day to day when you are using the chair to get around.

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