Service Plans

Protecting Your Wheelchair Investment

When you buy new or used wheelchairs, they have typically been through a thorough servicing and cleaning. Depending on the retailer, you may receive a one-year warranty coverage plan on defective parts. Because you will be using this wheelchair for several years, on average, it is a good idea to purchase a service plan.

Preserving Independence

If your wheelchair breaks down, you immediately lose your sense of independence. A comprehensive service plan gives you peace of mind that the chair will be fixed as soon as possible. Select a company that specializes in 24-hour customer service and fast turnaround times. You cannot be without mobility while waiting for a technician. Quality companies have online and phone call support that pick up without voice command systems. You want a human touch when it comes to wheelchair care support.

Batteries and Motors

Warranty coverage repairs defective parts, but service plans cover normal wear-and-tear items, such as batteries. Wheelchairs powered with motors and batteries must be properly maintained. Similar to a car battery, your chair's battery stops holding a charge at the end of its life. Plan protection replaces the battery and gets you moving again. Technicians even test the motor for proper operation.

Mechanical Parts

Your brakes are critical chair components that must work correctly for your safety. Protection plans fix your mechanical issues, from loose brakes to missing bolts. Once the technician repairs the obvious issues, they usually give the chair a thorough inspection for any other problems.

In-Home Service

Being wheelchair bound, your chair may become dirty after a while. Technicians typically visit the home to service or clean your chair instead of asking you to bring the chair into the shop. This personalized service makes protection plans worth the money.

Financing the Plan

Service plans are not expensive, but for those on a limited budget, the amount can be too much to pay. Ask your insurance company about service plan coverage. Because you are caring for a valuable health asset, the company may cover some of the service cost. For the insurance company, it is cheaper to cover your monthly plan amount than to pay for an entirely new chair.

Ask for several quotes from reputable plan providers today. Compare prices and coverage to ensure that you receive the necessary services for future repairs. Talk to friends and family about particular service plans to get a better view of their experiences. Caring for your wheelchair allows you to stay mobile for years to come.

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