Wheelchair Buying Guide

Tips for Finding New and Affordable Wheelchairs

There are many different types of wheelchairs available in the market. Although used wheelchairs are cheaper to purchase, brand new wheelchairs have the unparalleled advantage of being customized to accommodate your physical characteristics and individual needs. Since they can be a big investment, it is important to determine which features are suitable for your needs. In addition to shopping around for the best deals, you should also research whether or not you qualify for government subsidies. Another money saving tip is to purchase the wheelchair directly from the manufacturer rather than through a retailer. Since you are dealing directly with the manufacturer, different discounts will commonly be offered. The following factors should also be considered before purchasing a new wheelchair.

Wheelchair Buying Guide

Frequency of Use

One of the most basic factors that should be considered is how often you will use the wheelchair and the length of time you will rely on it as a mobility aid. If you require a wheelchair for short term rehabilitation, then adding little to no customizable features will help you keep your costs low. However, if you require a wheelchair for longer term mobility, there are different options to make your experience more comfortable such as foam padded cushions to prevent pressure sores. Removable footrests are also available and are usually recommended for individuals who will be spending long periods of time in their wheelchair on a daily basis.

Different Style Options Designed to Meet Your Needs

Before purchasing a wheelchair, you should also consider what type is best suited for your needs. Automatic wheelchairs have become a popular substitute for manual wheelchairs because they require less work to get around without requiring any assistance. They are also preferred by individuals who tend to spend a greater amount of time outdoors since they are easier to maneuver up hills. However, it is also important to keep in mind that they are more expensive. In addition to higher purchase costs, they are also more expensive to maintain and repair since they are operated by an electric motor. In addition to being more cost effective, manual wheelchairs are also lighter in weight, which makes them easier to manage on wheelchair lifts.

Choosing Appropriate Wheels

The wheels are a very important feature and there are many different types to choose from. Wheels that contain carbon fibre spokes are a convenient choice because they are significantly lighter. However, they are often considered a luxury since they are a more expensive option.

Since tires are an important feature on wheelchairs, you should take some time to consider the different types available before making a purchase. As a general rule, indoor wheelchairs function well with skinny, lightly treaded tires since they are easier to maneuver around corners. However, outdoor wheelchairs generally require wider tires with treading in order to provide better traction. Pneumatic tires are popular because they offer a great deal of comfort for outdoor wheelchairs due to how well they are able to absorb shocks. However, they are not suitable for individuals who travel on unpaved roads since they are easily punctured.

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