Luxury Scooters

Reasons to Consider Using a Luxury Mobility Scooter

Luxury scooters today are using new technology in order to provide features that were not previously available. These features make traveling short and long distances easier. They also add comfort and convenience to the scooter. This is different from the utilitarian designs that have been available for the last few decades. There are several reasons to consider a luxury scooter over a standard design.

Unique Appearance

One feature of luxury scooters is a unique appearance that is not often found in standard models. Luxury scooters can come with interchangeable color panels that give the vehicle a different appearance. Some designs have sleek bodies that are reminiscent of sports cars. Anyone who wants a mobility scooter with a distinctive appearance should consider a luxury model.

Full Suspension

Many four-wheel luxury scooters come with a full independent suspension. The suspension provides a smoother ride even when passing over uneven ground or minor bumps in entryways. A full suspension can absorb impacts from all four wheels instead of just the back two like most standard designs.

Adjustable Components

A number of luxury scooters include a range of adjustable components. Most have an adjustable seat that can be elevated, tilted and reclined. Others have adjustable armrests. A few include forward handlebars that can be raised or lowered as needed for the best control. Luxury scooters with adjustable components provide the best comfort possible.

Extra Seating

A unique feature of luxury scooters is extra seating. It is possible to find two-seater models that have an extra-wide seat with enough room for two people. Other models have a smaller rear-facing adjustable seat mounted on the back. A two-seater makes it easier to travel with friends who have mobility issues or with family members like children.

Digital Dashboards

Luxury scooters are starting to incorporate technology directly into the dashboard to provide added functionality and information. A digital dashboard can display information like speed, outdoor temperature and time. Digital dashboards also allow for one-button control of lights and other features. A few scooters even have universal serial bus (USB) ports in the dashboard to power or charge mobile devices.

Better Range and Climbing Ability

Luxury scooters often have more durable and powerful motors with larger batteries. Some luxury scooters even have a second battery. This extends the potential range of the scooter. Better motor technology can also allow a luxury scooter to handle inclines more easily. The added climbing ability increases mobility.

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