Heavy Duty Scooters

Heavy-Duty Scooters

The medical issue of overweight and obesity is a rapidly growing one that requires bariatric solutions like heavy-duty scooters. The market for these products as well as other home health aides appears to expand as large segments of the population age. Mobility aids like heavy-duty scooters help people who would otherwise be restricted to limited indoor activities enjoy more of their lives out of doors. Here are some characteristics of heavy-duty scooters and ways for the bariatric community to obtain the right scooter for their needs.

Mobility Options for the Overweight and Obese

There are many options available to those looking for scooters, and potential scooter buyers should understand the features of the available scooters on the market. Some scooters are designed to work perfectly in an indoor, shopping mall setting. These are the scooters that help big department store and grocery chain customers peruse the aisles during shopping trips. A heavy-duty scooter has a suspension constructed for indoor and outdoor use. These outdoor-ready scooters have sturdy frames, rugged tires, adequate ground clearance and powerful batteries for overweight travelers to traverse rough terrain or city sidewalks confidently. Cushioned, specially molded seating and head rest options ensure that people enjoy the ride as much as the outdoor scenery.

Acquiring the Right Scooter

Besides cost, potential scooter buyers must consider their specific personal needs when making a scooter acquisition.

Some things to consider when deciding on a scooter:

Since heavy-duty scooters are designed to carry members of the bariatric community, many people do not consider their weight as a consideration for scooter purchases. However, some people who have reached weight measures past 400 pounds should check to see if their desired scooter can actually support their weight.

The location of scooter activity is also important. Those who use their scooter primarily within smoothly paved suburban communities do not have to worry as much about their scooter's suspension as those planning to use their motorized chairs over country roads or broken city sidewalks. People who know that they will use their scooters to drive over rough terrain should choose models with rugged wheels or tires.

The location of scooter activity also impacts the choice of scooters because of power issues. Many urban areas made an effort to promote environmentally friendly initiatives which include the installation of electric charging stations. With these charging stations strategically placed around town, scooter owners rest assured that their motorized wheelchairs will maintain the power needed to get them from point A to point B safely. However, those who live in areas without ready access to charging stations must carefully consider the batteries used by their desired scooter and its recharging options.


Heavy-duty scooters are excellent options for those rendered virtually immobile due to weight issues. However, there are important considerations for which to account before acquiring a suitable one. For example, the cost, ease, and availability of scooter maintenance are all concerns for potential scooter buyers even though many people can receive a free scooter through Medicare and insurance venues.

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