Mobility Aids that Can Make All the Difference

A classic, lightweight, folding walker made out of aluminum with four rubber tips on the bottom to grip the floor still exists and is still very useful for those with mobility issues. These walkers are great for those who have trouble keeping themselves balanced or are at risk for falling.

However, there are more advanced walkers on the market that will make life much easier for the disabled or the elderly user. See if you're a candidate for one of these mobility aid walking devices. They can make a huge difference in your quality of life.

Some of the Options Available

Rolling Walkers

Walkers with wheels come in a variety of styles. Some have two, some have four little tires. The one with two wheels lets you put some weight on the walker as you move it forward, yet it stabilizes the legs with no wheels so there is no chance of the walker rolling away and allowing you to fall. The four-wheeled walkers will allow you to walk more quickly.

These types of walkers are very, very convenient and modern-looking. Some of them resemble a type of bicycle, with a basket to hold anything from light groceries to your handbag. They have hand brakes on the handles so you can control your speed. Some even have a folding backrest or seat if you get weary and need a short rest.

Walker Hybrid

When you hear the word "hybrid" you may think of the latest automobile that can save you some gas money. In the mobility aid world, this type of walker can do double duty for you.

There are hybrids that double as transport chairs, easily transforming from a wheeled walker into a chair with footrests. Some come with 8-inch little tires that are tough enough to roll over rough terrain, either indoor or out. There will be that convenience of a storage area for toting what you need to bring with you. These walkers are lightweight and easy to fold up and unfold for use.

Most owners of hybrids are happy with the independence and comfort of these aids.

Stair Climbing

While other walkers give you the freedom to get around on relatively flat surfaces, such as one level of your home or up a slightly inclined ramp, a stair-climbing walker will actually aid you in walking up or down staircases. Being able to negotiate stairs can be a huge plus for anyone with steps either leading to their home or within any indoor space. The secret to this type of walker lies in its ability to shorten or lengthen the front legs of the walker. This makes the walker level for a variety of stair surfaces.

Just because you have limited mobility doesn't mean you cannot get from point A to point B anymore! With the right mobility aid, you will soon be out and about, walking outside, climbing stairs once again, and living a full life.

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