Keeping Steady with a Cane for Mobility and Safety

A cane is a sturdy and assistive device for those who may have trouble walking without some kind of help. The lightweight stick is usually just slightly taller than a person's hips so that users can comfortably reach out and hold the handle with one of their hands in order to keep their balance steady. Besides a handle at the top for the hand to grip, the bottoms usually have a ring and cap or a no-skid stopper on them to make the cane safer on smooth surfaces.

Benefits of Using a Cane

People lose mobility with symptoms of weakness, an injury or malfunction of one leg or foot, shakiness and dizziness. However, using a cane can help them get around much better than they can without it. When people get about safely on their own, they can do things for themselves without fear of falling or further injury. They can get out of the house and feel confident that they can stand and walk as they need to go places like to the store, the doctor or out to eat at a restaurant.

Sturdy and Steady Canes

A quad cane offers a bottom with four feet instead of one to let the cane stand on its own and remain steady even if the user begins to lose her or his balance. Still lightweight, canes with four feet are not cumbersome at all. People who use quad canes feel more secure because the canes feel steady and sturdy over uneven ground.

Durable and Dependable Canes

Durability and dependability canes often have a reinforcement ring, sleeve or ferrule of metal put on the end. Some ferrules are caps for the bottom. Other canes provide a rubber or plastic stopper on the bottom for safety traction. These features are for convenience and long-lasting use.

Assistive devices like canes are made in different styles to meet the needs and personality of the user. They come in colors like black, brown and metallic silver or chrome. They may have quad feet or have ferrule ends for long-lasting style or rubber stoppers for traction. The main use for canes is for help when walking and standing, so canes are made to be strong and not heavy and bulky. Canes are simple tools that help people with mobility and independence.

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