Standing Wheelchairs

Standing on Your Own Two Feet

Just because a person develops the need for a wheelchair does not mean that they cannot lead an active lifestyle. Additionally, a person does not necessarily need to undergo the many problems that come with being restricted to a conventional wheelchair for extended periods of time. A standing wheelchair can provide all the support that a person needs in addition to giving them innumerable advantages when it comes to the tasks of daily living. A person can count on standing wheelchairs to perform extremely well when it comes to both functionality and health benefits. This type of wheelchair will allow the individual to be raised from a seated to a standing position in order that they may interact with others while at eye level or reach objects that a conventional wheelchair would make inaccessible.

How and Why

There are a number of different technologies on the market today that are built into these types of wheelchairs. Some can be manually operated while others function based on motors and electronics. Many modern designs also take advantage of hydraulics in order to lift a person from the seated position. Despite the type of engineering that goes into the chair, the transformation in regards to the way that one can live their life is extraordinary. There are a number of physical disabilities that call for the use of standing wheelchairs in order for patients to regain certain elements of functionality. The most common among these afflictions include spinal injuries, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and muscular dystrophy.

Benefiting the User

In addition to providing a means for transformation in one's life after suffering severe injury, standing wheelchairs offer a number of health benefits that studies have proven time and time again. Standing on a regular basis promotes better health when it comes to the functioning of the urinary tract. Circulation is also able to be better maintained when the legs are not constantly forced to be in a sitting position. It has also been shown that standing wheelchairs improve people's ability to control spasticity in regard to their muscle movements. Patients report feeling more confident about themselves and their abilities when using equipment of this kind as well. Additionally, there is a reduction in the wear of skin due to contact with the wheelchair, the cardiovascular system remains in better health over time, and contractures are much less likely to occur as well.

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