Rear Wheel Drive Chairs

The Capabilities and Benefits of Rear-Wheel-Drive Chairs

A rear-wheel-drive wheelchair can offer maneuverability like you've never seen before. Every single person who uses a powered wheelchair has a different level of mobility. Some power chair riders have specific mobility needs, which can only be fulfilled by a certain type of power chair.

What is So Special about Rear-Wheel-Drive Wheelchairs?

The truth is that there is nothing really special about this type of wheelchair, but it's certainly different than front-wheel-drive wheelchairs and similar options.

Different types of chairs fulfill different mobility needs. In the past, electric wheelchairs used to be designed almost exactly like their manual alternatives. Modern wheelchairs have designs that are significantly different from past designs.

How They Work

Before obtaining a rear-wheel-drive wheelchair, most people want to know about the chair's suspension, maneuverability and turning radius. They also want to know if the chair is capable of turning 360 degrees.

Rear-wheel-drive wheelchairs of the past were created with two massive wheels, which were the driving forces behind the chair. On these chairs of the past, the two wheels were positioned to face the chair's backside, and there were small caster wheels that were installed at the front of the chair.

Over time, new types of drive systems were created, which gave rise to the front-wheel-drive wheelchair system. However, there are still plenty of benefits to gain from using rear-wheel-drive chairs, and a lot of people still appreciate these chairs and use them daily.

A wheelchair that uses a rear-wheel-drive system is able to satisfy the mobility, lifestyle and comfort needs of certain people, which aren't satisfied by other types of wheelchairs.

The Important Features and Benefits

There are several reasons why thousands of individuals prefer rear-wheel-drive wheelchairs. First, these chairs offer a wider turning radius, which makes navigating outdoor and open areas smoother.

Second, they offer greater overall performance, and many of them have swingaway footrests, which provide the rider with extra support. Rear-wheel-drive wheelchairs also have anti-tip casters and large wheels that improve riding safety.

These are just a few of the reasons why many riders choose a rear-wheel-drive wheelchair. In most cases, it's people who need easy maneuvering and powerful driving capability who choose a rear-wheel-drive wheelchair.

It's an efficient type of wheelchair, and it makes it very easy for riders to navigate many types of environments. When compared with front-wheel drive and similar options, a rear-wheel-drive wheelchair also offers greater speed.

With a strong suspension and great turning radius, a rear-wheel-drive chair can quickly and efficiently rotate 360 degrees. Depending on the person, this type of wheelchair should have no problem satisfying a rider's mobility, lifestyle and comfort needs.

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