Powered Travel Wheelchairs

What to Consider When Buying a Powered Travel Wheelchair

There are thousands of different powered travel wheelchairs to choose from, so before making a purchase, it's crucial for consumers to know what to look for.

Travel wheelchairs are powered by an electrical motor, and they're controlled with a remote or joystick, which determines the speed and direction of the chair.

Unlike their manual counterparts, powered wheelchairs don't require any pushing. Most travel wheelchairs have four wheels, but some models have as many as six wheels.

Features to Look For

Searching for a powered travel wheelchair should be a fun and exciting experience. All powered wheelchairs should have these standard features. They should have plastic or padded armrests, padded nylon upholstery, a storage pouch or pocket and a decent end cap.

Considerations to Make

Before purchasing a new or used powered travel wheelchair, there are some considerations to make. The importance of various specifications is dependent upon the person who will be using the chair.

To ensure safe operation and enjoyable transportation, a wheelchair's weight capacity, design, posture and height must be considered.

Seat Width

The seat width of a typical wheelchair can be anywhere from 14 up to 32 inches. Many wheelchairs are created with a seat that has a custom width, which is suitable for the person who will be using the chair. To determine an optimal width, a patient's bottom should be measured while he or she is sitting on a flat surface.

Depth of Seat

The seat depth should also be considered. To determine an optimal seat depth, it's useful to measure the height of the person who will be using the chair. Put simply, seat depth is the distance between the back and front of the seat.

To measure a patient and determine optimal seat depth, have him or her sit on a regular chair. Due to the length of time an individual will be sitting in a wheelchair, it's essential to purchase a chair that has optimal seat depth.

Battery Life

Another important consideration to make is battery life. The majority of powered wheelchairs will require eight hours of charging. However, a typical motorized wheelchair can run for hours on a single charge.

Many powered wheelchairs can travel 10 to 15 miles before they'll need to be charged again. An optimal battery type is lead-acid, and it should be properly sealed. It's also important to consider a wheelchair's disassembly. Air travel will be hard with a wheelchair that has poor disassembly.

Finding and purchasing a reliable powered wheelchair shouldn't be difficult. With this information, consumers should have no trouble finding a wheelchair that is perfect for air travel and vacations.

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