Paraplegic Wheelchairs

A Look at Paraplegic Wheelchairs and What Type to Buy

A lot of people have heard about paraplegic wheelchairs, but unfortunately, not many people understand who these chairs are for or how they work.

What is a Paraplegic Wheelchair?

A person who has been paralyzed from the waist down is considered to be a paraplegic, and paralysis of this nature is normally attributed to an injury of the spinal cord or something similar.

The majority of paraplegics still have the ability to use their arms, so they can efficiently operate a sturdy wheelchair.

Electric Paraplegic Wheelchairs

A common type of wheelchair is one that runs on electricity. These chairs are powered by batteries, which are rechargeable. Inside an electric paraplegic wheelchair, there is an electrical motor.

It's the motor's responsibility to spin the chair's wheels, which makes it possible for a paraplegic to move around. Electric wheelchairs are suitable for paraplegics who don't have full use of their arms.

Some paraplegics can use their arms, but their arms simply don't have enough strength and functioning to successfully operate a manual wheelchair. There are many types of electric paraplegic wheelchairs.

The main types are mid-wheel-drive, front-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive chairs. The only real downside to purchasing an electric wheelchair is the fact that it's quite expensive.

Also, these chairs require regular servicing and maintenance because they have electrical motor components. Paraplegics who use an electric wheelchair need to be on a proper exercise program, which prevents muscle weakening.

Manual Paraplegic Wheelchairs

The second major type of wheelchair is manual. The paraplegic who uses this type of chair must have adequate arm strength because operating a manual wheelchair requires sufficient stamina. To operate this type of wheelchair, the rider must use his or her arms to rotate the chair's wheels.

Depending on how both wheels are spun, a rider is able to move forward and backward, and he or she can also use the wheels to rotate the chair in any direction. However, it's common for someone to push a paraplegic with a manual wheelchair.

Not everyone who uses this type of chair has sufficient strength to move themselves around. Although they're much cheaper, manual wheelchairs are significantly harder to propel than electric wheelchairs.

Choosing the Right Paraplegic Wheelchair

When looking for a wheelchair to buy, it's important to take dexterity, folding capability and durability into consideration. Folding wheelchairs are easier to operate but less sturdy.

Electric paraplegic wheelchairs don't require a rider to have great dexterity. An important consideration to make is how much the chair will be used. If your budget is large, an electric wheelchair is almost always the better choice.

Electric WheelchairsProtect YourInvestmentA comprehensive service plan gives you peace of mind that the chair will be fixed as soon as possible.Service Plans