All Terrain Wheelchairs

Stay Active and Travel with All-Terrain Wheelchairs

All-terrain wheelchairs give people with limited mobility the opportunity to travel and have fun in all types of conditions. Advanced four-wheel-drive chairs with off-road treads eliminate the need to stick to a restrictive concrete path. Floatation wheels allow the rider to enjoy a day at the beach without being left on shore to watch the rest of the family enjoy the water. With advancements in design, being disabled no longer means being left out.

Standard wheelchairs are not suitable to take into areas of high grass, soft ground, or loose gravel. A normal wheelchair loses its integrity as it is put through more than the normal wear of riding. An all-terrain wheelchair has treads designed specifically for traveling off the paved paths without risking damage to the chair. Festivals are typically built in grassy areas that have soft ground, or areas that are difficult to roll on without assistance. Four-wheel-drive chairs ensure that the rider is safe to enjoy time with the rest of the family without getting stuck in the mud.

Floatation wheels are a feature that is creating new opportunities for the elderly or disabled. Often times a family trip to the beach or lake cannot be enjoyed for someone who cannot walk, as they are not able to enjoy the water. Mobility chairs are not made to withstand the damp, salty air of a beach that may result in rusting. Rather than being stuck on shore or at home, floatation wheelchairs allow the rider to go into the water to enjoy playing and relaxing right alongside the family.

Elderly people, or those with limited mobility, who are confined to a wheelchair should not feel that they are no longer capable of going out and having fun. A normal chair is only suitable for getting around and accomplishing basic everyday activities. Design innovations and improvements are taking mobility to another level of capabilities. Don't sit on the sideline and watch as the rest of the family has a good time. Going to the beach, exploring parks or festivals, and taking an off-road stroll are possible with all-terrain wheelchairs.

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