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In depth information about a variety of wheelchair types to help you find the chair best suited to you:

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Mobility ScootersMobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are a popular alternative to your standard wheelchair because they are usually cheaper and...


A classic, lightweight, folding walker made out of aluminum with four rubber tips on the bottom to grip the floor still exists and...

Vehicle LiftsVehicle Lifts

When disabled or faced with a difficult time getting in and out of a car, truck or van, some opt to use a hydraulic lift...

Travel WheelchairsTravel Wheelchairs

There are thousands of different powered travel wheelchairs to choose from, so before making a purchase, it's crucial...

About the Wheelchair Site

Due to the cost and how much the functionality of wheelchairs differ, considering which wheelchair to purchase requires assessing what is required during your day to day activities. We at thewheelchairsite provide a variety of guides to help you through determining which functions will best complement your lifestyle whether this is your first wheelchair or you've had a few that haven't worked out.

We even go beyond wheelchairs to offer you important information for a variety of mobility aids and how these might be an alternative to a wheelchair. As with any major purchase, please do the research before choosing a product and remember that we're here to help.

Rear Wheel Drive Chairs
Rear Wheel Drive Chairs

A rear-wheel-drive wheelchair can offer maneuverability like you've never seen before. Every single person who uses a powered wheelchair has...


A cane is a sturdy and assistive device for those who may have trouble walking without some kind of help. The lightweight stick is usually just slightly taller...